Holy Fire® Reik and Karuna Reiki® can heal many issues and challenges we face on a deep energetic level.

Heal unconscious patterns

Reiki can break up negative patterns in the unconscious mind which we use to insulate ourselves from the truth. This helps to shatter delusion and denial, while helping heal the shadow self. Reiki helps us work through denial and blame of others for situations in our lives. Reiki helps us accept that imperfect part of ourself so we can bring it into our conscious mind, love it, and heal it.

Empowering Goals

If there is a goal you have had trouble achieving, it is likely that there is something that needs to heal before you can achieve it. There may be unconscious, negative feelings and thoughts about the goal that are blocking its achievement, such as fear of failure or fear of success. Reiki can help you release these blocks after you identify them and locate the blocks in your physical body. It is also possible to receive insight about the goal and guidance for making plans. Sometimes a particular goal is not in harmony with a person’s life path. If this is the case, you may become aware of this during the healing session.

Help heal relationships

When two people are involved in a relationship, there is a third entity that exists – the relationship itself. If there is difficulty in the relationship, or if you simply want to improve your relationship, Reiki can help.With the healing power of Karuna symbols and Holy Fire, it will create a loving and compassionate feeling between the two people so they will more easily solve any problems that may have come up, and will enjoy each others company much more. However, some relationships are co-dependent and not healthy for those involved. If this is the case, and it is time for the relationship to end, Reiki will help it end in a healthy way.

Sometimes people make unconscious agreements with those whom they are close to that are not healthy and actually encourage each other to remain unhealed. These unconscious agreements prevent those involved from improving themselves. Karuna Reiki helps you heal codependence alllowing you to break free from an unhealthy sense of responsibility you may have with those whom you are close to.

Heal the shadow self

The shadow self exists in the unconscious mind. It is composed of the parts of ourselves that we believe are unacceptable and so we try to hide them (denial) by shoving them down into unconscious mind. We will often see these unwanted parts in others (projection) and dislike them for it. These unwanted parts often go into the second chakra.

Heal on cellular level

Sometimes we have experiences that are so powerful, and have lasted so long, that they actually become a part of our chemical makeup and are ingrained in our cells. Because of this, our cells can carry the memory of trauma, or even negative feelings and ideas that we brought us from other lives. Reiki works on these hidden issues that have become imbedded in the cells of our bodies and helps to heal them.

Heal child abuse

Reiki works well to heal trauma resulting from child abuse and other issues that were so traumatic that the person has been unable to deal with them consciously, and has buried or store the issues away from the conscious mind – often in the second chakra area. These are often things that are so overwhelming or unaccepted by our society that we are unable to talk with anymore about them.

Heal sexual and physical abuse issues

Trauma such as physical and sexual abuse is very painful. It is not always necessary to relive these experiences and re-experience the trauma in order to heal. The compassion action of Reiki helps us release the energy from the abuse or pain without needing to re-experience the trauma. There issues can often be processed by simply having an understanding of what took place, without a need to feel all the emotions and pain. However, since the higher power is guiding the healing process, it will decide if feeling the pain is necessary to complete the healing and allow this to happen when it is appropriate for the client. When this happens, it usually takes place with only a small part of the pain coming into consciousness – just enough for the person to understand the feelings that are being healed.

Develop good habits 

If you want to develop a good habit, the best way to do this is to allow yourself to love what you want to do. When you look at al the habits that are healthy for a person to have, you will always be able to find some group or someone who loves that activity. Sometimes we have trauma around things that are healthy for us. Karuna Reiki can help us heal the trauma so we develop a natural love of thins that are healthy for us to do.

Heal addictions

If a person is addicted to something, it usually means that they have a problem with their heart. A person will turn to drugs, alcohol, or destructive  relationships and behaviors because there is something in their life that isn’t fulfilling a need for love. Karuna Reiki will restore the balance within their heart so that they love life. When a person loves life it is very unlikely that they are going to become addicted to something that is harmful. If you love yourself. You will take good care of yourself.

Heal Fear, Panic and Insomnia

Many people with chronic fatigue and panic attacks worry about the future, they think about all the things that could go wrong, rather than focusing on their goals. This is very draining, and they become weak and very tired. Reiki creates such a soothing state of being, they are able to focus more on the now, and do so in a peaceful way. It releases fear and creates a gentle peaceful feeling. Because of this, it can help heal insomnia and help you get a good night’s sleep. It is also good for healing nightmares.

Dispel Psychic and psychological attacks

Often, as we come into our own power, we may not be confident because we have misused power in the past. This may cause us to be attacked by ourselves or by others who feel threatened by our increased power. Reiki can be used to help us deal wisely and compassionately with our own power, and to release any part of ourselves that attracts psychic attack.

Connects the Higher Self with Lower Self

It brings the Highter Self into the physical body. It penetrates very deeply and lifts out emotional pain, often bringing an awareness of the true cause of the pain in a way that completes the healing.

By improving mental clarity, it helps us organize our minds and improve communication. It brings the higher mind into our everyday consciousness increasing clarity and inspiring us with new ideas. It adds depth to all our projects, and connects us with those enlightened beings who can guide us in their developement and fulfillment.