Dear clients, I am living on Orcas island in Washington state for the summer. Please come to visit this tranquil and beautiful island if you find yourself in NW coast.  I do offer distance Reiki sessions and movement classes by Zoom. Immersed in the island’s tranquil beauty – the forests, the shimmering lakes, the mountains, and the sprawling meadows – I find myself sinking into a deeper, wiser place. It’s from this well of guidance and inspiration that my offerings to you flow. I look forward to connecting with you both online and in-person. Please see more details on Sessions & Class page.

Please call me @ 818-853-3033 for an appointment. Thank you and I look forward to assisting you!

 Reiki  Healing

$145 to $195

Chakra Balancing

Emotional & Trauma Healing

Heals Unconscious Patterns & Additions 

60 to 90 minutes




 Healing Massage


Deep Relaxation

Release Stress & Pain 

Grouding & Centering

90 minutes




 Massage & Reiki

$225 to $270

Deep Rejuvenation

Energetic Balancing

 Release Blockages & Pain

100 to 120 minutes




 Couple Reiki Experience



Strengthen Love Connection

Heal Unhealthy Patterns

 Remove Emotional Baggage


75 minutes  


 Remote Reiki sessions

Via Zoom 

$135 to $180

Chakra Balancing

Clear Unhealthy Emotions

 Release Stress & Emotional Pain


60 to 80 minutes  


Your first healing session typically needs to be 90-minutes for optimal results. If you just need a tune-up, a single healing session can give you the clearing and balancing you need in the moment. Typically, deeper long term physical and emotional issues need multiple sessions to resolve and heal. 

Session Guidelines:

It is important that you don’t drink coffee or strong caffeinated tea within 6 hours of your Reiki and healing sessions.  Have your meals at least 3 hours before your session so you body is not focusing on digesting food. Also please refrain from  having alcohol two days before and after your session; wear comfortable clothes and please not wear perfume when you come for a session.

It is recommended to drink plenty of water (with lemon) or non-caffeinated herbal tea after treatment. After energy and bodywork, the body as it detoxes and releases heat needs ample hydration to reconstitute itself. Gentle walking and/or stay in silence to aid in integration is encouraged, as well as grounding food, and plenty of rest. Post session is considered to be a subtle energy reset, so it is important to give oneself the space for the mind and body to heal and reconnect. Typically this lasts for the remainder of the day following treatment. Please refrain from interactions with others or engaging in stimulating mental or physical activities for at least 8 hours. Journaling after your session can be helpful. It is common when you spend time in reflection after your session you will see or feel things in new ways.

Your appointment is confirmed once you make the prepayment of $60. This payment can not be refunded if you cancel or changed within 72 hours of your scheduled time. Thank you very much for respecting my time and commitment.

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For Zelle, please use 818-853-3033; For PayPal, please click this link :  

Reiki Energy Healing               

Reiki is a form of natural healing that flows through the hands of the practitioner in a powerful and concentrated form, activating the body’s own natural ability to heal itself. Reiki is a special kind of spiritually guided life energy. It goes to the deepest level where many illnesses originate. It releases blocked energy and helps to create a state of energetic balance. The Reiki treatment is often experienced as gentle, relaxing and meditative. It can achieve dramatic results, when that is the client’s goal. During treatment, the recipient typically lies on a massage table, remaining full clothed, so its best to wear comfortable, loose clothing. The practitioner lightly places his or her hands in various positions across the body, with no pressure exerted.  Reiki heals by flowing through the affected parts of the energy field and charging them with positive energy. It raises the vibratory level of the energy field in and around the physical body where the negative thoughts and feelings are attached. This causes the negative energy to break apart and fall away. In so doing, Reiki clears, straightens and heals the energy pathways, thus allowing the life force to flow in a healthy and natural way. Reiki works very deeply on the energetic level and can unblock stuck energy, restore diminished energy, and boost energy to help any part of the body get a jumpstart on healing. A Reiki session can calm your emotions and shift you out of the heavy energy field or negative thinking patterns.  For more detailed information about what a Reiki session with me could potentially assist, please visit Reiki Heals page. The top benefits of Reiki energy healing: 

      • Relieve anxiety, stress and depression 
      • Heal emotional trauma and triggers
      • Clear negative thought patterns and energetic attachments with others
      • Balance and harmonize your energy meridians and chakras
      • Release unwanted habits and install new positive habits
      • Accelerate the healing of serious injuries, surgeries, illness
      • Reduce the side effects of chemotherapy and other medical treatments
      • Reduce physical pain & Recover from addictions/substance abuse
      • Identify and release early life trauma and ancestral patterns negatively affecting you
      • Reconnect you with your Higher-self and experience a deep sense of peace and contentment

Healing Massage

The massage is a moving meditation. Lepeng is committed to being fully present and bringing a full-hearted, meditative presence to the table. She is trained both in Shiastu style and Esalen style massage.

Shiastu – is an acupressure based massage that is one of the treatment methods used in Traditional Chinese Medicine. The goal of acupressure is to encourage the movement of Qi (life force energy) through the 14 acupuncture channels (meridians) of the body. By applying pressure to specific points and energy channels of the body, therapists manipulate the flow of Qi in the patient.  Acupressure points are locations on the body where Qi may become congested or completely blocked. Acupressure massage is a natural holistic technique to address blockages that may be causing additional health problems.

Esalen massage utilizes long, flowing strokes, integrated throughout the session to give a sense of relaxation, connection and wholeness. It also encourages practitioners to develop a full-hearted presence, the ability to be truly present and focused with the client, and to listen with the whole being. This often enables a client to feel sage enough internally to relax and let go on very deep levels. Formerly unexpressed emotions, the holding issues tht often follow with trapped emotions, or even held pain due to physical or emotional trauma – all have the opportunity to rise to the surface and clear from the body and mind, frequently affecting the client on more than a physical level.  

Reiki Healing Experience ( $250 up to 3, $25 for each additional person up to a total of 8)

Begin your journey with 20 minutes of gentle yet dynamic Qigong movements. These flowing exercises will open your energetic pathways, calming your mind and preparing you for deep relaxation. Next, a guided meditation and soothing music will gently usher you into the Reiki healing experience. Comfortably lie down on a yoga mat or massage table as the healing energy, guided by its own intelligence, flows through and around you for approximately 60 minutes.

This unique energy responds to your individual needs, promoting healing, offering insights, and guiding you towards personal growth. You may find yourself releasing negative thought patterns, dissolving emotional blockages, and embracing empowering goals. While physical touch is not required, some individuals prefer hands-on healing during the session, which can deepen the physical sensations experienced.

This is also a great experience for couples to

  • Strengthen your love connection: Enhance communication, empathy, and understanding.
  • Remove obstacles: Dissolve negativity, past hurts, and emotional baggage.
  • Clear unhealthy emotions: Let go of resentment, anger, and fear, making space for love to blossom.
  • Reignite passion: Reconnect on a deeper level and reignite the spark in your relationship.