Healing Sessions

Healing  Sessions:  Tue through Friday 11am to 6:30pm;  Sat & Sunday 11am to 4:30pm.

By appointment ONLY.  Please call Lepeng@ 818-853-3033. Thank you and I look forward to assisting you!

 Reiki  or Healing Massage

$160 to $200

Chakra Balancing

Emotional & Trauma Healing

Heals Unconscious Patterns &Additions 

70 to 90 minutes




 Massage & Reiki

$225 to $270

Deep Rejuvenation

Chakra Balancing

 Release Blockages & Pain

100 to 120 minutes




Reiki Sound Healing

(Up to 8 persons)

$360  & Up

Release Blockages

Balance & Guide

Heal Pain & Trauma

            120  minutes  

            (with two practitioners)     

 Reiki Healing Experience

(Up to 8 persons)

$240 & Up


Receive Insights

 Clear Unhealthy Emotions

            75  minutes  

                  (with one practitioner )            

Your first healing session typically needs to be 90-minutes for optimal results. If you just need a tune-up, a single healing session can give you the clearing and balancing you need in the moment. Typically, deeper long term physical and emotional issues need multiple sessions to resolve and heal. 

The 4-sessions Reiki  package is $675 and 5-session package is $795. For longer-term & weekly sessions to recover from chemotherapy or other serious conditions, the sessions can be discounted to $145 after the first 4 sessions.

Session Guidelines:

It is important that your don’t drink coffee or strong caffeinated tea within 6 hours of your Reiki and healing sessions.  Have your meals at least 3 hours before your session so you body is not focusing on digesting food. Also please refrain from  having alcohol two days before and after your session; wear comfortable clothes and please not wear perfume when you come for a session.

It is recommended to drink plenty of water (with lemon) or non-caffeinated herbal tea after treatment. After energy and bodywork, the body as it detoxes and releases heat needs ample hydration to reconstitute itself. Gentle walking and/or stay in silence to aid in integration is encouraged, as well as grounding food, and plenty of rest. Post session is considered to be a subtle energy reset, so it is important to give oneself the space for the mind and body to heal and reconnect. Typically this lasts for the remainder of the day following treatment. Please refrain from interactions with others or engaging in stimulating mental or physical activities for at least 8 hours. Journaling after your session can be helpful. It is common when you spend time in reflection after your session you will see or feel things in new ways.

‚ÄčTreatments are offered at Soul Body Yoga & Healing Arts center in downtown Ojai,  206 N Signal Street Suite H & E, Ojai, CA. 

Your appointment is confirmed once you make the prepayment of $60. This payment can not be refunded if you cancel your appointment within 5 days or changed within 72 hours of your scheduled appointment time. Thank you very much for respecting my time and commitment.

Please feel free to ask for $20 discount if you are under budget or earning low income. I am here to help!

For payment through Venmo, please click this link:  https://venmo.com/u/Alignmenthealings   

For Zelle, please use 818-853-3033

For PayPal, please click this link : PayPal.me/Alignmenthealings  

A Reiki session can calm your emotions and shift you out of the heavy energy field or negative thinking patterns. Then you can receive clear guidance and insights from your higher-self. The top benefits of Reiki energy healing: 

      • Relieve anxiety, stress, depression & neutralize emotional trauma and triggers
      • Clear negative thought patterns and energetic attachments with others
      •  Identify and release early life trauma and ancestral patterns negatively affecting you
      • Balance and harmonize your energy meridians and chakras
      • Release unwanted habits and install new positive habits
      • Reconnect you with your Higher-self (soul) and experience a deep sense of peace and contentment
      • Accelerate the healing of serious injuries, surgeries, illness
      • Reduce the side effects of chemotherapy and other medical treatments
      • Reduce physical pain & Recover from addictions/substance abuse

Reiki Healing Experience ( $240 up to 2, $25 for each additional person up to a total of 8)

Begin your journey with 20 minutes of gentle yet dynamic Qigong movements. These flowing exercises will open your energetic pathways, calming your mind and preparing you for deep relaxation. Next, a guided meditation and soothing music will gently usher you into the Reiki healing experience. Comfortably lie down on a yoga mat or massage table as the healing energy, guided by its own intelligence, flows through and around you for approximately 60 minutes.

This unique energy responds to your individual needs, promoting healing, offering insights, and guiding you towards personal growth. You may find yourself releasing negative thought patterns, dissolving emotional blockages, and embracing empowering goals. While physical touch is not required, some individuals prefer hands-on healing during the session, which can deepen the physical sensations experienced.

This is a great experience for couples to

  • Strengthen your love connection: Enhance communication, empathy, and understanding.
  • Remove obstacles: Dissolve negativity, past hurts, and emotional baggage.
  • Clear unhealthy emotions: Let go of resentment, anger, and fear, making space for love to blossom.
  • Reignite passion: Reconnect on a deeper level and reignite the spark in your relationship.

Reiki Sound Healing Experience ($360 up to 3, $40 for each additional person up to a total of 8)

A unique healing experience that combines the powers of qigong, sound healing, and Reiki energy work.
Begin with qigong movement to activate your energy and prepare you for the sound healing. *Austin’s expertise in the healing vibrations of singing bowls, along with his knowledge of energy vortex points, creates a unique and powerful environment that allows you to release blockages, stress, and pain during the 45-minutes sound bath. As you journey through the sound bath, Lepeng’s Holy Fire¬ģ Reiki work will help to deepen the healing process, release any remaining tension, balance your energy centers and receive guidance and insights during the  Reiki session.

*Austin’s journey of self-awareness began at a young age, sparking a deep questioning of the nature of existence. Through years of exploration, both inward and outward, he has become well-versed in energy work and the power of vortex points. Austin has combined his skills and knowledge through sacred alchemy, finding a profound connection between the energy of these vortex points and the healing power of sound.

His passion for assisting others in healing from blockages, wounds, and pain is evident in his transcendental approach to playing sound healing instruments, particularly singing bowls. Austin’s unique ability to harness the energy of sacred spaces and channel it into his sound healing sessions makes for a truly transformative experience.