Do not suppress the changes, making them is most likely inevitable, so the more you resist, the more painful the process can be. Fresh starts can be frightening and intimidating, but they can also be a chance to create a better life for yourself and a new path to amazing opportunities.

Thanks for visiting my website and allowing me to do my divine purpose! With love and gratitude  ~ Lepeng Li



Lepeng is a gifted and intuitive healing conduit. The healing energies that flow through her hands are clean, clear, and transformational. She is a natural empath who knows where there is an energy blockage and how to release the blockages in the physical body and in the energetic fields. Her Reiki sessions always put me in a dreamlike and meditative place – all my worries and pain are dissolved and my mind and thoughts are transformed as a result. She is calm, compassionate and is a great listener. Shiatsu massage sessions with her have helped to align my physical body, which makes me feel more balanced and energized. I highly recommend her for both Reiki healing and Shiatsu massage sessions!

Chris Gillian


I have been taking Qi Gong/Yoga classes with Lepeng for a year and a half now and I absolutely love the classes. She caters them to all abilities and for me there is nothing like Qi Gong for feeling so renewed and restored and with little effort or skills needed. Lepeng creates a safe and loving space in all her classes. In my last private reiki session we focused on a concrete issue I had been having that had been hanging over my head for close to a year and immediately after the session I felt completely peaceful about it for the first time and the issue was resolved within a couple days. It was stunning. I am looking forward to more sessions in the future and hopefully taking a reiki class.

Stacey McDermott




After receiving my second 60 minute Reiki healing session I was convinced that the soothing, therapeutic and spiritual healing power of Reiki specialist, Lepeng is definitely the real deal. The physical, emotional, and spiritual recharge was a welcome rejuvenation to my weary mind, over-worked body, and restless spirit.  I highly recommend Lepeng’s Reiki healing session.  A truly uplifting experience.

Vincent J. Wiley  

I live on the east coast and have received several distant Reiki sessions from Lepeng for the past three months. She has assisted me with reducing pain after oral surgery, dealing with interrupted sleep patterns and overall lack of focus. We connect via Zoom and set the intention of the session. I simply relax in a comfortable place in my home and enjoy the powerful healing energy flow through me — just as it does in-person Reiki. Distant healing really works.  Thank you so much, Lepeng, for your healing gift!
Mercedes Eugenia

I have participated in Lepeng’s Qi Gong, Stick Movement & Yoga class for approximately a year now. I came to her class after my open heart surgery with the desire to resume my yoga and Qi Gong practice in a group setting. Lepeng is a gifted teacher who creates a safe environment for each student to move, breathe and explore their own bodies while she leads the class forward.  The classes fit the abilities of different ages and physical abilities in a non-competitive flow.  As my recovery proceeded, there was and continues to be a safe path for me to improve and expand. Lepeng and her teaching have added to my daily life quality both physically and mentally. When I look around the class at the faces of the other students, I realize that I am not the only one who has this reaction. We all seem happy to be there.

Larry Smith


I enjoyed my Reiki healing session with Lepeng!  Loved the environment and treatment room surrounded by nature, scent of orange blossoms, and singing birds.  Lepeng is a sincere spiritual aspirant and Reiki practitioner.  I felt heat and energy channeled through her hands. And my mind and body felt completely rejuvenated. She sets a powerful intention and focus for transformation and healing.    

Kirk Mann, L.Ac.


I was recently introduced to Shiatsu and Reiki through Lepeng. It was a very relaxing and peaceful experience! Lepeng starts Shiatsu session by playing relaxing music and applying gentle pressure on my back with her thumbs along my spine, my body immediately starts to relax and I feel the tension leaving my extremities. By the end of the session, I feel completely recharged and my back pain subsides. For Reiki, Lepeng used her hands sometimes without even touching me, she moves her hands over my entire body generating soothing and healing heat which unlike any massage or therapy that I have experienced before. 

Sanaa Fickes