A Reiki I class created my spiritual awakening

After experiencing a traumatic panic attack in 2013, I forged an alternative path and embarked on my spiritual journey. I had to being offered a new lease on life because after suffering from severe depression on and off for several years, I never knew that by simply cherishing the simplicities of life, I could embody profound joy each present moment. The fog of depression I had grown accustomed to living in had been lifted, and I no longer desired surface level experiences or attachments because of such clarity. So, I deepened my yoga practice started meditating and taught myself affirmations. Honestly none of these practices sounds like a choice but more like a necessity to survive.

Not long after, my dear cousin Nicole reached out to me to let me know she would be taking a Reiki level one training and that I should join her. I knew little about this. “Energetic healing”? I asked. I was open to anything that would expand my consciousness, so I enthusiastically agreed. I trekked a couple of hours to her massage studio space on the New Hampshire Vermont border and dove headfirst into something I knew little about but would change me forever.

Nicole, her friend Paige and I spent several hours with Linda Kali Usui Holy fire III master teacher. Her calm, ethereal demeanor facilitated a soothing learning environment, and by the time we were beginning the attunement process, I already felt very connected to my spiritual core.

During the few weeks following my attunement, it was as if I were living in a dream simply floating through my daily life without a touch of anxiety or negativity tagging me back down to the reality that was once my life before the attunement. As soon as you have been attuned, there is no going back. It opens the door for the essence of your pure light to experience universal energy in a way that you could never have imagined. Of course, it was easy to read about this in my level one manual, but experiencing what that meant was entirely different story. I find my Claire senses were awakened in the days after my attunement.

Briefly, there are some of the Clair senses: 

Clairvoyance (clear seeing)

Clairaudience (clear hearing)

Claircognizance (clear knowing)

Clairintellect (clear thinking)

Clairemphathy (clear emotion)

Clairsentience (clear physical feeling)

I will share two experiences, one illustrating sudden Claircognizance and another, Clairsentience.

Claircognizance or clear knowing is experiencing a sudden knowing. You know it to be true in your mind’s eye, even thought you did not hear or seat. It may be a stroke of instant insight or a download. This Clair can also manifest as instincts. 

My experience was that after about five minutes in a social setting, I knew that the acquaintance I adored was in the early stages of pregnancy at that perhaps she was experiencing some health complications. After somehow knowing this information, I hesitated about my next step. What if I reach out and I’m wrong? What if she has recently suffered a miscarriage, and I will trigger her by asking? But somehow, I still knew the truth. 

Several days after the social event, I messaged her, saying I received a spiritual download of information regarding her pregnancy and that her baby would be fine despite some upsetting health concerns. She assured me I was, in fact, correct about her being pregnant and that the doctor had informed her of potential issues with her babies development, which all turned out to be a force alarm. Seven months later, she gave birth to a healthy baby boy.

Clairsentience is a clear physical feeling. You actually feel the physical feelings in your body that others are experiencing. An example is if someone has a stomach ache, you feel either pain or a sensation in your stomach too. You may also feel emotional injuries were they may manifest in the body. To me this goes hand-in-hand with empathy, and I genuinely believe all Healer’s are empaths. Sensing other people’s feelings, pain, and hardship has been an essential tool guiding me in my practice as I pick up information through emotions.

For example, during my level III training, I received information regarding a loved one of the person with whom I was practicing my hand placements. I Suddenly sense she had a son, and he was somewhere far away, and he missed her greatly. Once the practice had ended, I told her I could sense she had a son and felt how he missed her. She said that yes, indeed she did, and he was away at college on the West Coast. She was thrilled to know he was thinking of her. I was also happy feeling at one with all the love between the two of them.

Although there are positive examples of how I have experienced spiritual downloads since I have completed my Reiki attunements, some instances are not as pleasant because information can come through that isn’t exactly enjoyable. Navigating these experiences without a rulebook was never something I expected when I agreed to my level one Reiki class. However, I have learned that I can take measures to prepare myself and protect my energy.

First, I can create a shield of Reiki light around me when I feel unsafe to protect my energy. This step can be taken before practicing Reiki or simply before a social event I feel might make me anxious. For example, I often shield when I am having a tough conversation at work or if I find myself in a situation out of my control that is unnerving.

Second, learning about, acquiring, and using crystals in my every day life and Reiki practice has been immensely helpful. Studying the different energetic properties of crystals and which ones can facilitate grounding, protection, and healing has been such a joy and a journey I will continue because quite simply, they’re gorgeous to have around! Keeping crystals close by has been a wonderful tool in my protection toolbox.

Several years have passed since those weeks I spent existing in the clouds in a dream like state following my first attunement. If only then I had known that the door through which I had just entered was the same door that would connect me with a true essence of my spiritual well-being – blissful and chilling experiences included. I might have been fearful, but of course, Reiki allows me to tap back into the space of uttermost peace, which I believe is a true essence of Reiki energy. I can access that peaceful place anytime I’m feeling unwell. My utmost goal as a Reiki Master is to guide others to access that peaceful place. Everyone who has been and decided to become attuned will not have the same experiences as they go forward in their practices because the Reiki energy touches us all uniquely. Still, if you have ever had a feeling to follow the course of Reiki on your spiritual path, you might find yourself walking through that very same door.

Reiki Heals Insomnia

I received a phone call from a new client who explained that she struggled with insomnia. She said she would try anything to help her to have a good night’s sleep. However because of the lack of sleep, she felt anxiety about her normal activities.

She expressed her concerns that she was in her 70s and afraid that Reiki would go against her Catholic beliefs and was looking for guidance how to move through this fear. She wondered if she was doing the right thing.

I was born and raised Catholic and attended Catholic school from kindergarten, and I explained that receiving Reiki healing will not go against her beliefs. She was guided to find my name and phone number. She felt comfortable after we spoke and booked an appointment.

It was a beautiful fall day with a crisp chill in the air during the session. The fireplace was radiating a light heat, and the music softly played in the background. While she was lying on the Reiki table to begin the session, I covered her with a light fuzzy, cozy blanket.

After the session was complete, she was still lying on the table and I asked her how the Reiki experience was and would she share her experience with me? She said, “it felt like I took a wonderful deep nap and felt an amazing warmth throughout my body and waves of soft pulsation.” Before the session, she hadn’t informed me that her left arm was causing her pain. Now she said it had felt like someone was massaging it with a cold and warm heat from the inside out.

I asked her to take her time in getting up from the table, and I would sit in the room on the couch until she was ready. Then as I walked away, we both heard a loud sound, like crashing glass on a wood floor. She asked, “what was that dear”? I said I wasn’t sure. Then, within seconds, the same sound happened again, but it came from the opposite side of the room of the original sound. She sat up on the table, and I walked over to the area where I heard the first sound. I saw a patron of Saint Jude medal on the carpet and placed it in my hand. Then, walking to the opposite side of the room where the second noise came from, I found a second medal of Saint Francis of Assisi. “ Do these two metals belong to you?” I asked. She said, “Oh yes, I never leave home without them. I always have one in each pocket. I feel they keep me safe and peaceful, but how did they get out of my pockets covered by this blanket and make such a loud sound when your room is carpeted?” I replied, “I’m sorry I cannot answer either of those questions, but have faith that everything is for the highest good.”

We both had little to say after this experience, but she paid me cash for my service. We hugged, and she went on her way. Afterwards, I thought I would never hear from this woman because of what had occurred. But I received a call, and she said, “Hello dear, I am the woman who had the two metals in my pockets. I have been sleeping like a baby every since I saw you and I would like to schedule another Reiki session with you.”

Such experiences are what I love about this beautiful gift of life force energy that knows exactly what to do and heals what is being sought.