Healing studio hours: Tuesday through Friday 10am to 6:30pm;  Sat & Sun 10am to 5:30pm. 

By appointment ONLY.  Please call: 818-853-3033. Thank you and I look forward to assisting you!


Reiki Energy Healing 


Emotional & Trauma Healing

Chakra Balancing

75 minutes


Healing Massage


Release tension 

Unblock vital energy flow

90 minutes                      

Massage & Reiki


Chakra Balancing

Release Emotional & Physical blockages

100 minutes


Reiki Healing Experience

$160 to $200

Receive Guidance & Insights

Emotional & Energetic Cleanse

Deep Relaxation

        75  minutes                                     For couples or small groups

Your first healing session typically needs to be 90-minutes for optimal results. Payment can be made with Venmo, cash, Zelle or PayPal.

If you just need a tune-up, a single energy healing or massage session can give you the clearing and balancing you need in the moment. Typically, deeper long term physical and emotional issues need multiple sessions to resolve and heal. The follow-up Reiki sessions can be 60-minutes each time for $120.

Session Guidelines:

It is important that your don’t drink coffee or strong caffeinated tea within 6 hours of your Reiki session. Also please have your meals at least 3 hours before your session so you body is not focusing on digesting food.

It is recommended to drink plenty of water or non-caffeinated herbal tea after treatment. After energy and bodywork, the body as it detoxes and releases heat needs ample hydration to reconstitute itself. Gentle walking and/or stay in silence to aid in integration is encouraged, as well as grounding food, and plenty of rest. Post session is considered to be a subtle energy reset, so it is important to give oneself the space for the mind and body to heal and reconnect. Typically this lasts for the remainder of the day following treatment. Please refrain from interactions  with others or engaging in any stimulating mental or physical activities for at least 8 hours. Journaling after your session can be helpful. It is common when you spend time in reflection after your session you will see or feel things in new ways.

​Treatments are offered at Soul Body Yoga and Healing Arts center in downtown Ojai,  206 N Signal Street Suite M & H, Ojai, CA. 

Your appointment is confirmed once you make the prepayment of $60. This payment can not be refunded if you change or cancel your appointment within 72 hours of your scheduled appointment time. Thank you very much for the understanding.

By appointment ONLY.  Please call or text Lepeng at: 818-853-3033.  

My PayPal is

Please feel free to ask for $15 or $20 discount if you are under tight financial budget. I am here to help!


When your emotions are heavy and sad or negative, the aura around your body is dense. It is like driving with dirty windshield. You cannot see clearly or far. The light of your soul does not come through brightly. Your soul will guide you to look at those areas in your life that are creating emotional disturbance and to stop reacting to them. Find ways to calm your emotions, for calm emotions speed up the time it takes to reach your goals. When you are calm and peaceful, your soul comes through your emotions to give you that inner guidance. The soul give guidance through the emotional body, in urges, insights, and those feelings that take you into new arenas.

A Reiki session can certainly calm your emotions and shift you out of the heavy energy field or negative thinking patterns. Then you can receive clear guidance and insights from your soul. 

Healers observe that most disease is caused by an energy imbalance, usually a reduced flow of panic life-force throughout th chakras. Apart from pain, anger, sexual imbalances and some psychotic states, it is unusual to find too much energy present in a chakra, but levels of energy can be ascertained clairvoyantly or by dowsing with a pendulum.

Shiatsu Massage and The Balance of Qi 

The balance of yin and yang in the body allows for smooth flow of Qi throughout the body. Qi is vital life energy flowing throughout the body in channels called meridians. The flow of Qi is similar to that of a river—stagnation of the flow of Qi can put your body out of balance, creating a flood in one area and a drought in another. If there is a smooth flow of Qi in the body, there is health; if Qi is weak or stagnant there will be disease.

Shiatsu massage is a style of acupressure therapy. By applying pressure to specific points and energy channels of the body, therapists manipulate the flow of Qi in the patient.  Acupressure points are locations on the body where Qi may become congested or completely blocked. Acupressure massage is a natural holistic technique to address blockages that may be causing additional health problems. Different from Acupuncture, Shiatsu massage uses thumbs and palm pressure and focuses on treat “meridian lines” (energy channels) of the whole body. 

Meridian channels represent a collective grouping of important veins, arteries, nerve pathways, lymphatic vessels and connective tissue planes. They are collective pathways represent “meta channels” of least resistance, most efficient communication and transportation throughout the body.