Lepeng is a Reiki Master, massage therapist and conscious movement teacher with intuitive understanding of people’s habitual patterns and energetic imbalance. With all the tools, knowledge and her unique gift as an empath, Lepeng provides personalized healing sessions to help her clients heal from physical, mental and emotional imbalance, blockages and trauma.  The typical healing sessions include bodywork, Reiki energy healing and compassionate listening.

Lepeng is passionate about servicing the world with her healing gifts.  She is here to help you relieve and heal from physical and emotional pains and to assist you to return to your natural equilibrium and well-being. 



Our healing center is located in the beautiful quaint town of Ojai California, about 30 miles east of Santa Barbara and 80 miles northwest of Los Angeles. The Ojai valley is surrounded by hills and mountains; the rare east-west orientation gives the valley an extraordinary sun exposure; Ojai’s citrus and avocado crops are highly prized. This orientation gives rise to Ojai as a spiritual destination.  There are quite a few spiritual foundations based here in the Ojai valley, including Krishnamurti foundation and Krotona Institute of Theosophy.

Body and mind are intimately connected

Are you aware of how your physical symptoms and emotional experiences are connected? Unfortunately, many of us have learned to silence our voices, hold back tears, repress anger, and be “good”. If we ignore or deny our feelings, our bodies have to knock louder and louder to get our attention. This process is how mild discomfort can morph into significant physical and emotional issues. On the other hand, being aware of and validating symptoms often relieves them. As we become more mindful and sensitive about what our bodies are telling us and learn to appreciate our feelings as allies, we can better align our feelings, words, and actions. Gradually, we learn to live with greater authenticity, which lead to more physical, emotional, mental and interpersonal peace and vitality.

Reiki Energy Healing                

Lepeng has been a Reiki practitioner since 2016 and she is a registered Reiki Master and  a professional member of The International Center for Reiki Training. 

Reiki is a form of natural healing that flows through the hands of the practitioner in a powerful and concentrated form, activating the body’s own natural ability to heal itself. Reiki is a special kind of spiritually guided life energy. It goes to the deepest level where many illnesses originate. It releases blocked energy and helps to create a state of energetic balance. The Reiki treatment is often experienced as gentle, relaxing and meditative. It can achieve dramatic results, when that is the client’s goal. During treatment, the recipient typically lies on a massage table, remaining full clothed, so its best to wear comfortable, loose clothing. The practitioner lightly places his or her hands in various positions across the body, with no pressure exerted.  Reiki heals by flowing through the affected parts of the energy field and charging them with positive energy. It raises the vibratory level of the energy field in and around the physical body where the negative thoughts and feelings are attached. This causes the negative energy to break apart and fall away. In so doing, Reiki clears, straightens and heals the energy pathways, thus allowing the life force to flow in a healthy and natural way.

The top benefits of Reiki therapy:

    1. Physical healing

      • Reduce physical pain & Recover from addictions/substance abuse
      • Accelerate the healing of serious injuries, surgeries, illness
      • Reduce the side effects of chemotherapy and other medical treatments
      • Heal past physical injuries that was energetically held by body memories
    2. Emotional healing

      • Relieve anxiety, stress, depression & Neutralize emotional trauma and triggers
      • Release unwanted habits and install new positive habits
      • Clear negative thought patterns and energetic attachments 
    3. Spiritual healing

      • Identify and release early life and ancestral patterns negatively affecting you
      • Reconnect you with your Higher self & Experience a deep sense of peace and contentment
      • Balance and harmonize your energy meridians and chakras
      • Heal spirit attachment and safely remove energy that doesn’t belong to you and heal the part of you that allowed the energy to attach

The Benefit of Qigong Movement

Qigong movement is a self-healing method which can be practiced by anyone of any age in any condition of health. The therapeutic value of energy guidance exercise, which has had various names, has been recognized in China for thousands of years. In the past decades, Qigong movement has been acknowledged in the West as a means of restoring both physical and mental health. Consistent practice of Qigong movement rectifies one’s internal energies so effectively that the indirect result in many cases has been the curing of a wide variety of diseases, ranging from high blood pressure and ulcers to heart disease. Its greatest health significance is its effectiveness in preventing disease by keeping the internal energies in a state of balance.

Moving meditation is an essential aspect of self-cultivation. Such movement includes various exercises which develop the ability to guide one’s internal and external energies. Qigong movement induces the gathering, refinement and circulation of one’s energy into more subtle channels. Such moving meditation integrates the body, mind and spirit, harmonizes one’s internal energy with the universal law, and leads one to true health. 

If one particular emotion or mode of thinking is habitually emphasized, a particular organ may become overstimulated, causing depletion, imbalance and blockage within the channel system. Energy flows thus become altered or impeded, and certain organs may become congested with blood and chi while others receive an inadequate supply. This results in disease. The movement of Qigong guide one’s internal energies throughout the channels in such a way that a balance and order may be restored within the body.

We human beings are a part of Nature and immersing ourselves in Nature is the best prescription for our well-being. Being in Nature in deep stillness or engaged in conscious movement, can help heal body, mind and spirit.




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